Friday, June 15, 2012

Creating a cristal scarf (1)

Here is the first part of tutorial of creating a christal scarf in combined technique (gold batic, layered wax).
This is fun and not difficult (even though it needs some time).

You need:
  • a blank silk scarf (if you use steam fixed dyes you can use any kind of silk, if you use iron fixed paints the best choice is transparent and light weight chiffon 3,5 silk, because the number of layers will be large (to 5) and if you use thicker silk the result will become too heavy and paper-like)
  • silk paints or silk dyes (minimum - the prime colors)
  • a plastic (to cover the floor)
  • a frame for silk painting
  • an oven to heat the wax
  • sof brushes for painting and hard brushes for applying the wax
  • some thread
  • and iron to remove the wax (and fix the paints, if you use heat set paints)
  • a steamer (if you use steam set dyes)
And here are the first steps of painting the scarf:
  1. Put a plastic on the floor and moist the scarf with water .
  2. Take a small part of silk between your finger and roll some trhead around it.
  3. Take another part of silk and continue with thread (without cutting it).
  4. Continue until the whole scarf is prepared.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

SingingScarves in other blogs

I have known about blogging but I wasn't much interested. . . since my friend silk artist Angel Ray featured me in her lovely silk and fashion blog.

After that I thought - maybe I have to create a blog too - about silk painting, art, inspiration and good energy ; ) Even though I cannot express lika Angel and English is not my mother tongue. . . but other Estonians have blogs in English too.
Hanna for example has a lovely ECO blog about making some really fashionable and OOAK things from old/ second-hand sources. She also have a lovely series of Estonian Etsians and I am featured there too!
You are welcome to read - probably you will find some new and surprising information about me you didn't know before ; )

Monday, May 7, 2012

To continue or to stop?

I begun painting a silk scarf with red poppies on black to a kindergarten teacher.
I planned to re-paint the poppies and to color the corns and the leaves. . . but now (even though not "ready") it looks good too ; ))
So the question is - to continue or to stop?
What do you think?

To leave this scarf like this or to add some more colors and layers like on that poppies scarf below (this goes also to a teacher)?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eesti (Estonia) in Etsy

I am from Estonia and in Etsy there is an increasing number of Estonian sellest. Here is a collection from their items, inspired by little house photo by 9thCycleStudios

Sakura scarf goes to Kathy!

Dear friends of silk painting and Singing Scarves!

As I promised, one of the first followers (joined in April) will get this Sakura silk scarf .
And the lucky winner is Kathy (Kathleen). Congratulations!
She also paints on silk, so I am happy to send my scarf to a fellow artist ; ))

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Signingscarves blog begins!

It begins as the spring - with blossoming cherry trees. It is a good beginning - I becun my Etsy shop with a Sakura silk scarf and it was sold in a hour ; ))

All friends of SingingScarves are welcome to follow this blog! One of thoses who joins in April will get a new large Sakura scarf in pastel colors as a gift! The details in next post ; ))